Treatments for reducing stress, anxiety and body aches

Millbury Massage & Reflexology

All of my treatments are designed to melt away tension and stress. You will feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

Hi, I'm Cindy

I am a licensed massage therapist and reflexologist based in Millbury, Massachusetts. 

My practice is geared towards women 18 years or older. I utilize a combination of massage and reflexology techniques to deliver overall relaxation for relief from anxiety, exhaustion, stress and the physical symptoms of these. We will talk about what your goals for treatment are and we’ll plan your session together. Your session is exactly that…yours. So I will incorporate what you need at each visit which can often be different at each visit.

I am a 2015 graduate of Spa Tech Institute Massage program in Westborough, MA.

I am a 2012 graduate of Accusage Academy Reflexology program in  in Oxford, MA.

Cindy Casella, LMT



You'll complete a thorough health history form to receive the most beneficial and safe treatment. Your confidential info will never be released without your consent.

Unscented Products

I use unscented products. The oil I use is jojoba which has no scent and the cream or lotion I use is PurePro brand also unscented. 

Time is Valuable

Treatments will start at the reserved time provided you arrive 5 - 10 minutes early for your appointment. This ensures your 60-minute massage is a full 60 minutes.

Safe Space

I provide a space where you can relax and feel like yourself.   You will remain properly draped and covered with a sheet and blanket.  Only the area being worked will uncovered.

Areas of Focus

I will confirm with you the areas you want the most focus on. Before moving on from these areas I will ask you if you need more work there.

Open Dialog

I want you to feel empowered and confident to speak up if any aspect of your treatment could changed. Example, more or less pressure or you may suddenly feel too cold or too warm.

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My Services

Regular massage can keep muscles happy and healthy enough to keep moving  in comfort. It helps reduce stress and anxiety. Each treatment is designed for your specific needs at that time.  This can vary with each treatment.

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Regular reflexology treatments will alleviate stress and tension to achieve as much rejuvenation as the body will allow.

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