Soap by Cindy

I love making soap. I enjoy the ability to decide what ingredients are used and what to avoid using.

My goal for each batch of soap is to create a mild soap that does not strip the skin. I have accomplished this by researching the properties of the oils and butters that I use and by making many batches of soap and keeping good notes over the years.

My handmade soap is available for purchase during your massage or reflexology appointment.

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Soapmaking Process

hand poured soap in wooden log molds

Cold processed soaps in wooden log molds.

log of soap on the cutter

Yellow Peppermint log ready to be cut. The yellow color is achieved by using red palm oil.

cut bars of soap

Soap bars cut and stamped.

Quality Ingredients

Ingredients I most often use in my soap:

Avocado oil

Castor oil

Cocoa butter

Coconut oil

Olive oil

Palm oil

Palm Kernel oil

Shea butter

Sunflower oil

Natural Colors & Essential Oils

I leave some soap unscented and no coloring. For adding color I use clay, herbs or charcoal. To scent the soaps I use essential oils. I label all soaps and list all the ingredients.

liquid soap with cocoa butter in mason jars

I store the liquid soap in mason jars until ready to use.

Liquid olive sunflower soap

I love the color of these liquid soaps.

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