Reflexology Treatments

What is Reflexology?

It’s really about energy.

Specific points on the feet and hands correspond with organs and organ systems in the body.

A Reflexologist uses their hands to apply pressure to these points.

The flow of energy is restored and the nervous system achieves normal functioning.

Reflexology Treatment on a foot

Benefits of Reflexology

Reduces stress and creates a state of relaxation

Improves circulation throughout the body

Assists with both the quality and quantity of sleep

Can be combined with a body massage also

What to Expect at your Reflexology Appointment

It is a very comfortable treatment.

You will be clothed except for shoes and socks which are removed during the treatment.

You will be in a comfortable position either on a massage table or in an anti-gravity chair. I have pillows for your head, bolsters for feet and legs, and blankets to cover up with. My massage table has a heating pad.

The session leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed and energized with a renewed sense of well-being. Reflexology assists the body to heal itself.

Reflexology Treatment on feet
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